#photochallenge — Week 1 — You

¡Hola! I’am Alex.

This week’s challenge is about You.

Take a self-portrait or selfie and post it on instagram with the hashtag #52wphoto2021

You can use your phone or camera, remember. Consistency over quality, we will get better :)

The idea is to capture 52 weeks, each week a new challenge.

To improve our photography, let’s talk a little bit about composition and some rules to take better portraits.

1. Fill Your Frame

Let’s make this clear: Use this technique to eliminate unwanted distractions in your portrait photo, just compose your shot so the subject’s face fills the frame.

But Iam not that cute/handsome! Don’t worry, filling your frame can help to add texture and detail to your photos — use lines, wrinkles, sweat, and the details of the eyes to stand out more.

2. Line of sight

Also called a sightline, this technique is a typically uninterrupted line of sight from the observer or viewer to the object of the gaze.

What are You looking at?

3. Be Creative With Compositional Framing

Forget the classic selfie and be creative, you can use different angles or use a chair to create a frame or use some water to create reflections.

Use whatever you have to create something different.

Are You ready?

Nothing fancy, a reflection with my iPad

Mexicano, emprendedor, director de Software y amante del arte, la fotografía y la cerveza. ¡Salud!