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¡Hola! I’am Alex.

This week’s challenge is about You.

Take a self-portrait or selfie and post it on instagram with the hashtag #52wphoto2021

You can use your phone or camera, remember. Consistency over quality, we will get better :)

The idea is to capture 52 weeks, each week a new challenge.

To improve our photography, let’s talk a little bit about composition and some rules to take better portraits.

1. Fill Your Frame

Let’s make this clear: Use this technique to eliminate unwanted distractions in your portrait photo, just compose your shot so the subject’s face fills the frame.

But I’am not that cute/handsome…

Let’s begin…

First install adonisjs cli

If your get a permission denied error, run npm i with sudo permissions

Once the installation is completed, execute below command

Do You see the api-only flag? Well that indicates to adonis to clone a boilerplate code with API structure not a fullstack application.

AdonisJS API new project

Start your server with

Welcome to the 52 Weeks Photography Challenge!

Each week of the coming year — 2021– you will be presented with a photography challenge. The challenge will be either based on composition, on a theme, or on a feeling. You will have to take one photo to fulfill the challenge.

During this Photography Challenge, you will make good use of composition rules, tell compelling stories, and convey emotions. If you stick to this challenge through the end, you will undoubtedly be a far better photographer than when you started.

Are you ready to become a better photographer? Let’s get started!

Each week I will be uploading content to improve your photography!

Sabías que para los egipcios el escultor significaba “El-que-mantiene-vivo”?Es por ello que les ordenaban que crearan el rostro del faraón en granito o materiales duraderos para que este perdure, con el objetivo de ser colocado en la tumba, donde nadie pudiera verlo.Con el paso del tiempo, el rostro ayuda al alma a regresar al cuerpo.Es por eso el nivel de detalle y calidad en los rostros encontrados en las tumbas de los faraones.

Además… antes, en un pasado distante y horrendo, existió la costumbre que al morir un hombre poderoso sus criados y esclavos lo seguirían a su tumba. De…

Alex Casarrubias

Mexicano, emprendedor, director de Software y amante del arte, la fotografía y la cerveza. ¡Salud!

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